Friday, June 1, 2007

It's June 1st......

I can't believe it is June 1st already.

I got back from A-town yesterday afternoon. Was very ill with my usual stomach issues, so it made for a long trip. I was all relaxed and then acquired some unexpected drama/stress last night (not involving me thank goodness) so I didn't sleep very well. Ugh.

I have today off! Yeah. I am going to drag myself to the gym and then run errands. The weather is really humid here and our grass is really long. I am going to make P cut the grass this weekend if it doesn't cool off. My flowers look great! and I am really pleased with that.

Oh yeah - the big news- I'm getting braces. Why yes, I did have braces already in Junior High. They want to move around some of my teeth (the few that I have) and then possibly a lower jaw surgery (less recovery time, less pain, numbness than upper jaw), followed by a chin implant (how exciting), followed by dental implants. I had my big multi-disciplined consult last Friday with the oral surgeon, the dental fellow, the dental supervisor, two prostadontists, one orthodonist, and several dental students. I am a very popular and unique person at the dental clinic at the U. Why didn't my parents bring down there when I was 12? I was lucky to even get braces, seriously. My mum likes to remind me that it cost $2000! The dental insurance paid for half at the time. Apparently, according to my two aunts, mum and grandma who have the condition, pulling out their teeth and getting dentures in the 1940's & 1950's (isn't even an option for me due to my jaw) was good enough for them and dammit, it should be good enough for me. Kind of frustrating. My mum can't understand why I am doing all this. The lack of support from her can be difficult. But I am super excited!!

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