Saturday, June 9, 2007

Very nice day today.

I had a nice day today. P is out of town on a fishing trip that I bought him for Christmas. The weather was so perfect. I seem to talk about the weather a fair bit, but that is because it does impact the type of day I have or like to have. Anyway, it was 75 and sunny but not hot. Perfection. I was up really early, and worked in the yard, edging and pulling weeds. Then I cut the grass, then watered. Then I swept and cleaned the garage. THen a man came and gave us a quote on painting our house. All told I was active for around 3 hours.

Then I went out to lunch and had lemon rice soup. I did some shopping and running around after that. I then went to meet my friend and co-worker N and her family in AA for dinner. Then her and I went and saw Ocean's 13 which I thoroughly enjoyed.

My stomach was great today and it was a very nice day.

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