Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good things to report.....

I have been so busy and meant to update this blog every single day, but just never found the time.

Several people have asked me for updates on what good thing happened. I didn't realize that I never said.

Good thing #1:
P fulfilled a lifelong dream and was accepted to MIT. He will entering into a graduate school program in System Design Management. The post-placement rate is outstanding as is the school's reputation. No we are not moving to Boston - although we really seriously considered it. P will work full time and spend selected amounts of time on campus (hopefully I can come with him some of those times) and be finished within 2 years. It's a very intense program and many, many apply so I am very proud of him. It means good things for us as a couple. It won't be easy, financially or timewise, but we can make it through together.

Good thing #2:
This was a big surprise. I am the recipient of the top award where I work - the "Shining Star" award. I am both surprised and humbled by this. Only 4 awards are given out among the thousands of employees each quarter. There is an awards reception tomorrow where we invite our friends/family/coworkers and give a speech. P is taking the afternoon off work and my mom is driving down. Yes you heard that correct. My mom is driving down and bringing my nephew. I didn't think she would come through and I had to juggle a bunch of stuff around. She will be on her own until tomorrow afternoon and then P will pick them up and meet me at the reception. I then am taking Thursday off because I don't want to leave them alone. We'll run around and do some crazy stuff. My stomach has been in a tizzy all day because I'm worried sick about everything. I ruin everything by getting stressed out I guess. It is nice they are coming though and I will post some pictures when I get them.

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