Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I had a terrible falll....

So Monday night is beautiful here in MICH and I'm out for my 30 minute walk. Decided to go a bit further, it's nice out and I'm listening to my IPOD. One block from home, I somehow fell. It was a bad fall. I instinctively fell on my side and my face hit the cement. I shredded my face, elbows, shoulders, broke my front teeth and braces and thankfully did not break my nose. Pictures to come later.

I limped home, called OB Triage, husband came home, and they put me on the monitor for 4 hours. I was a having a few contractions, so I won the 24 hour stay. THere were no beds so I had to stay on a stretcher in the Csection recovery area which was pure hell. No sleep all night, in pain, on IVs, fetal monitor. NO food or drink since I may have an emergency csection. That I got by with okay surprisingly. Just when I was due to have my diet coke the next day I got really nauseous and had dry heaves.

Finally in the am I got moved to a room and rested.

The baby is absolutely fine, I am so fortunate.

The only pain I have now is from my shoulder. It may be broken. I also have some general achiness. It looks like I was in a boxing match. I called the doctor nearby and I think they need to do an x ray.

I am so disappointed in myself. P was supposed to go to NY today for two days but I had to ask him to stay home. I feel terribly about it. I hate to put people out for my needs.

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