Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm alive

So I'm alive and well now. All the scabs have fallen off my face, my eye has reopened, my shoulder is almost back to normal. My tooth is still pretty painful (I have to drink from a straw), but I visited the orthodontist yesterday and had the bracket recemented.

The weather has been horrific here. Terrible rainstorms every day. It usually takes me around 25 minutes to get home and today took me 55 due to the storm. It is supposed to storm for the next five days straight and then cool down to the mid 70's which I adore.

People have been so kind to me at work. I had a suprise shower from my team, and three other people brought me gift cards and presents. How sweet is that?

It's been difficult to blog because we are still down to one computer at home which P uses for school most evenings. :( I have a ton of pictures to post as well.

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