Monday, June 30, 2008

pyogenic granuloma

Today I had one of these removed from my face where it was located above my lip, to the left of my nose. It is usually found on the gums and I am quite greatful that mine was not. However, it started out as a red dot and started bleeding and crusting over with a huge scab all the time. It then started growing rapidly about two weeks ago, getting taller and taller. In the last few days it turned purple. The Dermatology clinic numbed my lip with lidocaine (that hurt), shaved it off, theen had to cauterize it repeatedly because as I said above, it was a bleeder. The smell and sensations sent me over the edge and I ended up becoming quite ill and nauseous. All's well now. Apparently these occur arond 5% of pregnant women and are highly vascularized. All I know is that is was hideously ugly and am glad to be rid of it!

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