Monday, October 20, 2008

all alone

This morning I dropped P off at the airport for his week in Boston. Then I took Vi to daycare and hung out there with her for 2 hours. She is there right now and I am going to pick her up around 1;30 or 2:00. I was going to use this time to go to the gym, but I think I will do that tomorrow. My mom invited herself down to visit for the week and she will be down tomorrow. There are a lot of things I could use her help with. Leaving Vi at that daycare was so, so difficult. I cried in the parking lot. She is the youngest in the infant class and the smallest. There are three bigger children walking around that are almost ready for the next class that kind of scare me. They go go go and the little babies (3 of them) are just laying around. Vi is not used to that kind of noise. I will be glad when they move up to the next room. Her caregivers seem very nice and organized which is good. She is just so little!!!! No one can love her and care for her and hold her like I do.

I also just am eating gluten today in anticipation of my colonoscopy. I had a soft taco shell and the only thing I feel is a burning in my chest so far.

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Julie said...

Cooper is the youngest and smallest at his daycare too. They will get lots of love and attention because the teachers/caregivers LOVE having little babies to hold and take care of. I know it's hard but she will do great - I think it's harder on us than it is for them. Hugs to you!!