Wednesday, October 29, 2008

*So I started back at work this week. Half days this week and next. It's been good. I missed work and we moved to an office that is super nice so I have a very nice cube with a window view of all the fall trees. I"m trying not to obsessively think about Vi during the day because then I will cry. P has been getting her ready in the mornings and this means getting up earlier which is difficult for him. Last week we did daycare half days and she wasn't too keen on it which really stressed me out. She is not accustomed to their schedule and doesn't want to sleep or eat too much there. I keep praying she will adjust and start to like it.

* I am still feeling like death with severe stiffness and body aches. My best friend is High dose ibuprofen. I stopped gluten after three days due to nausea, severe heartburn and reflex with burning, vomiting, stabbing stomach pains. It all stopped when I stopped eating gluten. I called the MD and am waiting for a reply. I was so hoping it was something else!

*Winter is here! Well, fall is - and it is cold! I don't know where the summer went. I have quite a bit of raking (mostly seed pods) to do at home. I am going to miss taking Vi out in the stroller when it gets really cold.

*McCain pulled out of Michigan and pretty much gave it to Obama. I think Obama is going to win. Both of their health plans frighten me. I like McCain, but Palin's view on abstinence only education in schools is ridiculous. Teens are going to have sex whether you agree with it or not. Shouldn't they be informed - ignorance is not bliss in this case.

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