Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm a little teary

Vi has always been a great eater. Over the last week to two weeks she has been fussing during feedings including crying, arching her back, refusing the nipple, squirming around and in general eating less, being pretty unhappy and acting like she was in pain. I finally called the doctor about it today and the nurse called me saying that they thought it was acid reflux!! It does make sense because I thought she seemed like she was teething or something was hurting her. They advised me to keep her upright after feedings (which I do), burp her well (which I do), and possibly change formulas to Enfamil gentlease or Enfamil added rice. I ran over to Rite Aid and bought a small can of the gentlease to try. P and I talked on the phone and he wanted to how we would know if this was resolved and also to just switch the formulas or do half and half, etc? Unfortunately I didn't ask the nurse, but I will call back and ask tomorrow. I hope that this will improve and that she won't have to go on meds. It's weird because I have had really bad GERD in the past and still take Protonix. So I know what it is like. I probably shouldn't be so upset and worried since there are kids with way worse issues out there, but I don't want her to be unhappy!!!!

P has been working night and day. That on top of school makes for an unhappy wife. I'm pretty tolerant, but I never see him anymore. Next week he is in Boston for school. I know he is doing the best he can but it is starting to get to me and really, really stink.

The other crummy thing is that the timer on our dryer stopped working properly a while ago and would only dry on one cycle. That cycle finally went last weekend and with the cost of fixing an old dryer, we got a new model at Lowe's. It finally arrived on Friday (P was in Washington D.C. last week and I had to actually buy him new pants) and I have been doing laundry like crazy since then. I did 7 loads on Friday, 4 on Saturday, 4 on Sunday and 3 today. I'm still not done and I haven't put everything away because I am so tired of going up and down stairs. Still, it's nice to have a dryer again. The moral of the story - don't get behind on laundry.

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