Friday, July 24, 2009

11 months (ok, and 1/2)

I haven't written about V's accomplishments in some time. Frankly, she is giving me a run for my money. She is so, so active! Nonstop, activity.

* She has to touch Everything. All the time. Constantly. Nonstop.
* All she really wants to do all day is pull herself up on things.
* She seems really bored with her toys lately.
* She is a very fast crawler.
* Biting is starting to be a problem for her. Usually it is just random, but I have caught her biting when angry and it made me VERY angry.
* Her eating has decreased. Not hungry and takes actually coaxing to get her to eat. We are still working of foods with texture and she is making progress! She will even eat puffs now. I am trying to get her off of bottles and use sippys. So far it is not working. She will take water from a sippy cup, but that is all, no formula. She still won't hold her own bottle though.
* If one more person tells me what a "big girl" she is, I'm going to scream. I am buying 18-24 month clothes however.
* She can turn the crying on and off increasingly well. Example: She wants to go in the bathroom where Daddy is - we tell her no, and I have to get up and physically move her 5 times where she cries and screans each timne. She stops immediately when I close the door.
* Her verbal ability is realy coming along! She crawled up to us holding a diaper saying, "gaiper", she says "wow", "wawa", "nanana" for bottle, "hi", "mama", Mom-mee", "dad-dee", "dada".
* She does not want to read books that don't have some sort of pop-up, noise button, or lift-up flap. Otherwise, it is boring.
* My back is killing me for lifting her. P's is so bad this week when we are visiting that I am taking him to urgent care this a.m.

She is definately more of a girl than a baby.

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Gretchen H said...

they grow up so fast!