Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nice Weekend

So last weekend we were in Maine. This weekend we decided to stay around Boston. Friday P was off but he really hurt his back lifting Vi all the time. Mine hurts too, but his was so bad we had we to take him to Urgent Care and he received Valium and painkillers. Thankfully, it is okay now. Yesterday we went to the Boston Harbor Island which were really lovely.

We purchased tickets for two islands, Spectacle and Georges, but we did not make the second due to a messed up ferry schedule. We hiked to the top of the island and it was hot and there was no shade! Vi slept most of the time in the shaded stroller thank goodness. We then came back and ate crawfish at "The Barking Crab" restaurant.

Today we went to Harvard University and it was even hotter and more humid. Vi did great as we went into the Museum of Natural History and clunked out for two hours until part way through having dinner at "Jasper White's Summer Shack".
She tried some fish and some cornbread. She was an absolute doll.

I must common on the Harvard Museum of Natural History. I love museums a great deal. I have been so lucky to see many of the word's great museums, but there are many more I would like to see. This is a small museum, but has a fantastic collection of rare skeletons and the Glass Flowers Exhibit. The Glass Flowers are very realistic flowers made out of glass from the the late 1800's - 1935. Fabulously detailed and exquisite.

The Museum also has the only mounted skeleton of the Kronosaurus.
There is also the largest Turtle shell ever found, a skeleton of a dodo bird, and a Coelocanth!


Anonymous said...

how fun! What a cute pic of daddy and baby. I like museums too.


Kelly A. said...

That looks like a really neat museum and nice day. I'm sure you and Vi had a wonderful time with her Daddy.