Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So I'm definately a bit calmer now :) Things are coming together for my trip.

The upper teeth are now making their way in. The lifesaver has been the "Razberry Teether" - a pacificer like device made of chewy rubber that the babe has been gnawing on like a little squirrel.

My mother was helpful and we had a nice time this weekend. We went to both Sam's Club and Costco. My mom loves Sam's Club and when she discovered Costco was more of the same she was elated. Vi had a blast trying all the free samples. In Costco she had part of a frozen fruit bar, Club crackers (better than puffs really), grapefruit, cherries, and her very favorite - a bagel with cream cheese. She gnawed on that thing the entire time and fussed when it was all gone. I am thinking of buying her some frozen bagels to gnaw on.

Clothes are still not put away. I bought more and now can get dressed in the kitchen.

Packing is coming along. I took off tomorrow and am going to have Vi go to daycare part of the day so that I can finish.

The Boston sublet DOES have air conditoning. Yeah!!

My BOB Revolution Stroller is in. And I love it! (Thanks Christian's mom for the info).

My friend Amy (Stephen's mom) is giving us a ride to the airport on Thursday!

Hired a neighbor boy to cut the grass for $15 until P gets home. He did a great job, was prompt, and must make cash because he was driving around a mustang convertible. Hmmm.

I'm going to make it folks. I'm going to make it!! What a difference a day makes.

Please keep my internet pal Julie in your prayers today as she starts chemo. You can read her journey at www.julieolsensjourney.blogspot.com.

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Viv said...

I too hate paying someone to mow my grass, but it is a necessary evil at times.