Thursday, July 2, 2009

A night in the life.

Some pictures.....

Mom, mom look at me - I can stand and push this table all over the kitchen.

Is my duck tub ready?

This duck is really tasty.

New pajamas on (18 months!).

Mom! Don't leave me in the living room while you are in the kitchen. I can't get up the step..


Alisha said...

Look at Vi standing and moving all around! Go Vi!

Jen, wanted to reply--the BOB stroller is the single best thing I've bought for Christian so far (that and the jumperoo). It is so easy to run with and, quite frankly, is a joy to walk with as well. Christian loves it, too. I got the BOB Revolution--the Revolution allows you to lock the front wheel for running, but you can also unlock it easily for strolling around. All in all, I HIGHLY recommend it and I will most definitely be getting a double if I am blessed with another child in the near future. Won't ever buy another brand.

Take care!

Kelly said...

Hi Jen -

Vi is doing great!

Swistle said...

I lovvvve the pjs!