Friday, August 7, 2009

finger food feeding

I'm happy to say Vi has finally progressed with feeding herself. She would eat puffs if you plopped them in her mouth which was an achievement for her. She started feeding herself a few, but she is very clumsy and they ended up all over her, but she was trying, and that is what is important here, isn't it? Last night I was eating some egg beaters and had her in the high chair getting ready to feed her some Stage 3 Broccoli with Cheese and I decided to rip the egg beaters into little pieces and put them on her tray. She immediately started feeding herself the pieces and loved them! I had put off starting eggs because of allergies, but she loves them. I'm going to try some hard boiled eggs chopped up because the firmer texture.

My little girl is getting so old.

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