Saturday, November 14, 2009


Growing up we always had a messy house. It wasn't 'dirty' perse, but just oodles of clutter everywhere. Piles of magazines and newspapers in the living room, laundry ready to be put away all over the dining room, bunches of crap on the kitchen counters, clothes on the bed in the spare room, and just lots and lots of stuff. My parents never threw anything away. IF they got something new like a stove, the old one went immediately to my Grandpa's house in the country and was left in the garage in 'case they needed it'. (that is why even though my Grandpa has been deceased for 6 years, his house and garage is full of my parent's old stuff).

I am not a great housekeeper. Coupled with feeling crummy, my husband working 60+ hour weeks, working on his thesis, the baby, me having to cook often, and trying to fit in exercise, I"m too tired to get much of anything else done except keeping the kitchen up and trying to keep up with the laundry.

P has been begging me to hire someone. Honestly, even in this economy, I couldn't find someone. They wouldn't wash windows or wouldn't do this or that. Ugh! I finally got a recommendation. She comes once a week for three hours and charges $75. She picks up toys and neatens up and will do laundry! But I have to remind her of this. She's not perfect, she calls me about every little thing and prefers cash because she has no bank account. But it takes the crushing burden off of my shoulders when I just can't keep up with everything.

If only I didn't have to sleep.

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