Friday, November 27, 2009

Too busy

So I haven't posted in like a million years (actually it's been a few weeks). December is upon on and as you know, things becomes even more accelerated until January. Right now I am actually resting (aka sitting down) watching Vi toddle around the living room and read book to herself while drinking a Diet Coke and P looks up vacation spots on the computer. P wants to take just a vacation with us aka adults. I don't think I can leave Vi, even though I know it would be really good for us. But my mom and sister are dying to watch her. THe concerns are that my sister works and my mom is old and becomes tired. Also, they are four hours away so I would have to meet them and drop her off. We are considering Disney (We went once around 5 years ago and it was suprisingly romantic), Hawaii (too far & expensive), and the Smnokey Mountains. I for one, would love a vacation to lay around, eat, read, and exercise for two hours per day.

We went to Grand Rapids for the Holiday. MY mom was pretty upset, but 9 hours round trip is just too far. It was my husband, his two brothers, their GF's, GF's mother and brother. We just came back around two hours ago. It's great to have Friday off too and I have so much to be Thankful for.

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Gretchen H. said...

we left Audrey and went on a vacation to Russia when she was 18 months old. she had a great itme with grandparents, but Mike had a hard time being away from her. HE really missed her and still says we should have done something differnet for vacation. (i was fine about it, strange reversal)

what we find works out well for us to get some mom and dad time is to do just one overnight. For instance, for New Year's, my mom is coming the 31st, we're going to windsor to a show at the casino and spending the night at the hilton, then the next day we come home and grandma goes home. it's only about 24 hours but it's a great time for mom and dad. OR maybe if you went up north to visit your mom, one night the two of you could drive to Traverse City (or even a hotel in Alpena!) and catch a movie or a show or whatever you want to do. Same thing for GR. If you feel anxious and nervous about leaving her, it probably wont' get better when you are gone and might make you have a worse time. she'll be older soon enough and you could try vacations away then. BUt of course, this is just what works for us, maybe something else would work for you.