Sunday, March 28, 2010

Elmo's world

I always promised myself that when/if I had a child, I would restrict TV useage. I guess I'm a hypocrite, because I let Victoria watch Sprout. She really likes the puppets in the between show segments, the Happy Birthday segments, and Seseame Street. She also has an Elmo book I bought last summer that we read daily. I think she recognized him on TV and became very excited. Thus, she loves Elmo and walks around saying, "ELMO" all day.

Yesterday my friend S and I went to some "Moms to Moms" sales which are put on by various community organizations in churches and community centrs. They are huge rummage sales with kids and babies stuff, including books, toys, and clothing and held early on Saturday mornings. Many have very crummy stuff, and fewer have really awesome stuff! The key to any success at all is to be there before it opens and wait in line. Anyway, I went to two and bought Vi a cute dress for $3 at one along with an ELMO doll (Learn to Dress Elmo) in perfect, unplayed with condition for $1 (retails for $129 !!!??? on Amazon). Victoria happened to be with us and loved it immediately. I also found her a small Fisher-Price baby cradle for $2 (retails for $39 on Amazon).

I was waiting for my friend S and we were running around in the big item room. Victoria spotted a big fuzzy ELMO chair and ran to it with glee! She laid on the chair and hugged it and hugged it and then tried to pick it up and drag it towards the exit. I tried to get her to leave without it, but she really, really wanted it. So I bought it for $10. It is a tiny bit dirty around the eyes. Here she is sitting in it in all of its big, red, tacky glory, immediately when she got up and didn't even put her pants on yet.

On a different note, we were out a lot this weekend, but look at our house!! Sigh.


MrsSpock said...

#1 I am so busted too, because I let J watch Sprout and Signing Time. And The Simpsons.

Our house looks like a wreck now- and in general. As long as the filth is gone, the clutter is OK, right?

I can't believe someone sold a $129 doll for a buck. That is why I never buy toys new.

Kelly said...

It sounds like a fun day. I like finding unique and different things at rummage sales.

Still not much hair yet?