Saturday, March 20, 2010


These are pictures from the last week. The outfits I purchased at Moms to Moms Sales and some were a fashion show; hence the bribary with suckers.

My vintage Gymboree dress:

My summer outfit... mommy gave me a sucker, so I will pose for your enjoyment:

I fell on the playground while Mommy was in Chicago:

My new pajama-jams from Grandma N in which I don't want my picture taken!


Anonymous said...

i love that polka dot dress. so cute.

went to my first mom to mom sale today. i think i got there too late. it didn't seem all that great. maybe my babies are still too little to appreciate all of the good clothes? there definitely seemed to be more there for older kids.

i think it's supposed to rain or snow tomorrow :( boo!

MrsSpock said...

I love scoring great finds on ebay and at used clothing sales! The little Gymboree dress is fabulous!

Alisha said...

So funny--"vintage" gymboree dress. Hilarious. It is absolutely adorable, though!

I also love those pjs! Oh my goodness!

Gretchen H. said...

I had a Gymboree dress just like that, that collection is only a few years "vintage" lol