Saturday, February 3, 2007

Friday post .... Late

Yesterday started out to be a good Friday, but got crazier by the minute. I left work and stopped by the mall to pick up some things. I left the mall and got caught in a traffic jam for over an hour. Growing up in a small town I still am not used to the vast amount of people on the roads down here and find it difficult to deal with.

I was meeting coworkers for a bowling night and ended up being late, and had no time to grab any dinner. Got to the bowling alley and the staff was moving soo slowly. Finally got bowling where I bowled an astounding 58 and a 70 (which is pretty good for me actually). Also got all smoked up. People in bowling alleys love to smoke! Came home at around 9:30 and was just going to have something (hadn't been home since 6:30 this morning) and get ready for P to get home. I hadn't seen P in over 2 weeks as he was working away. The phone rings - it's P. He's at the airport and his car won't start after sitting for two weeks in the subzero temps. Bloody hell! Got back in the car drove to the airport (30 min away), can't find the long term parking he's at and have to circle around for another 20 minutes. He finally walks back to the terminal, we have circle around and find the parking which accidently results in me taking the wrong exit (hey I was tired!) and going the complete opposite way. We finally get there and jump the car. P can't exit the structure because it's been like 2 hours since he paid. Did I mention it's 12 degrees out as well? More chaos ensues. Finally get home. I don't sleep much last night, who knows why? DItch the gym this morning and all I wanted to do last night was see P, watch the Office from Thursday (best show on TV), sample the red velvet cheesecake he brought me as a suprise, and have my Friday night gin and tonic. I might be able to work something out for tonight.

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