Wednesday, February 7, 2007

It's still too cold!

Work has been extremely busy this week. It also is very quiet because one of my office mates quit and the other is out this week. I also received a call from the nurse at my RE's office. We were set to start another IVF cycle in a month and I was not given the OK due to an already high level of hormone becoming even higher which would indicate a poor outcome. I have alternated the rest of the day feeling teary, and then numb off and on, with a little anger thrown in. Not what we were expecting and pretty disapointing that you don't even 'qualify' for IVF. The public is led to believe it is the solution to solve all things 'infertile'. People say things like 'well you just need IVF'. Duh, I've done IVF. That is two centers that have rejected me for IVF - I should find one more to make it three.

I need a mini-vacation. My college friend invited me out to Tucson to visit and enjoy the 80 degree weather, and I am going to try and make it the 2nd week of March.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy Tucson if you go. I'll be interested in hearing your impressions, especially compared to Phoenix. Be sure to visit the U of A campus (especially the west University area where the historic buildings are) and try a carne seca chimi at El Charro downtown. (They say the chimi was invented there). Finally, head up to the top of "A" Mountain for a great view -