Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The continuing saga of my life

My teeth are falling out. Seriously. Today I went to the dentist at the hospital referred by a regular dentist because I am just too complicated to handle. My teeth are very 'mobile' to put it nicely. I ended up having three stiches in my gum to try and save my tooth (a bicuspid). It isn't that I have tooth decay or anything, just a LOT of dental problems. I should have either been a dentist or tried really hard to marry a dentist. Those that know me know that I have a lot of congentially missing teeth. The few teeth that I do have are crooked and misformed with underdeveloped roots. A pretty picture, hey? This is not even my main dental problem. That would be that my bite is totally collapsed (ie my front teeth severely overlap and hardly any of my teeth meet). At one time during the appointment there was a prostodonist, oral surgeon, dentist and 5 dental students in one room gawking at me. Actually they were very nice, unlike dentists in the past. One said, "that is why you don't go into private practice. You'll never get to see cases like this". They also want to write me up for a dental journal because damn it, I am that special.

Blah, blah, blah. My many dental issues. Anyway. There was a lot of talk a bit ago regarding jaw surgery with a 6 week recovery. These particular dental professionals don't feel it's necessary. They want to put in implants at a cost around $20,000. Sigh. I also have to see a geneticist - because my mum, aunts and gran have a similiar problem.

Honestly...... I don't want to lose any teeth, but it is unknown what is going to happen. Too much drama.

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