Friday, March 2, 2007

It's Friday again ....

You can never get enough Fridays. I had a very busy morning at work, but actually came home early to having some ear/tooth pain. I rarely miss work.

We've been ferret sitting for two friends this week. I should say I've been ferreting sitting. P works 13-14 hours a day and doesn't feed, water, pet or scoop the large clumped mound of poop and pee from the litter boxes or when the ferret is mad (which is often) directly from the cage. We've watched the ferret for short stretches in the past, but never this long. Let's just say he isn't happy at our house. He is used to having the run of the house there, but our house isn't ferret proofed. If you ferret proof a room, then he can't stand to be left behind a closed door. He will walk on a leash a little bit, but he is really curious about everything and likes to crawl in and under things. He is kinda stressed. He's given me a bit a nip last time we watched. This time, I let him out and played with him and he bit me really hard on the hand. I have two large teeth marks but thankfully no blood.

Ferrets also smell. I wouldn't recommend them for a pet.

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