Monday, March 26, 2007

76 degrees today!

It was 76 degrees today. It has all the makings of a really nice day. I felt energetic and to update my post yesterday, very very good physically today after Circuits yesterday.

However I spent a great deal of the day being angry and irritated. We have a new person in our office that sits two feet from me. This person has been there a week and asks few questions. This person spent a great deal of time today on and then on Ebay. Can you believe the audacity of new person to do this being so new? Anyway - not to be a Cindy Brady but I did let our boss know. I have no desire to spend training someone like that. I also had a MD be a bit derogatory to me as well.

The third thing is that I think I have P's cold UGH! I did get a great walk at lunch today and now I am going to take another one and try and get in 14,000 steps today.

I added the flower pictures to remind me of spring! They were all taken in the UK.

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