Monday, March 19, 2007

Doing better....

Thanks for all the kind wishes. I am feeling somewhat human today, but not quite back to my normal level of soreness. It is pretty decent for Monday. We had a freezing rainstorm this morning and It took me over an hour to get to work. I am usually in at 7:30 but didn't get in until after 8:15. Thankfully it all melted and it is actually warmed up to 47 degrees out. I am going to take a little run/jog now that it is still light out later. P is still working on a big project. He works about 12 hours per day. Better him than me I guess, but sometimes it gets lonely eating dinner by myself every night. ON the other hand, I can do whatever I want to as well. Hit the gym after work, go shopping, etc. I still want to sit down to dinner as a family, complete with child. Except the child part is missing and the husband part isn't here.

Alas, off for a jog. There are sooo many houses for sale in our neighborhood as well as Metro Detroit. Things aren't so great here with the auto industries and all and many people are trying to get out. I don't know who is going to buy all these houses when the people that used to buy them came here for the auto industry jobs. Anyway - grateful we both have a job.

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