Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring has Sprung

It sure is beautiful out. I wish it could be like this all year long. Warm, not hot, cool, not cold. I dragged P out for a walk with me yesterday, we went walking through some other subs and picking up 'For Sale's fliers and examining neighborhoods. We were out for over an hour (P is still pretty sick) and it was really lovely out. Unfortunately, it is still too wet and mucky to work in the yard (the backyard is a swampy mess). This spring we need to rake and reseed most of the back yard grass because a great deal of it died of some fungus last year. It looked and still looks absolutely awful. Unfortunately my wrist still isn't too great so I am kind of limited as to doing a lot of heavy lifting or raking. My tulips are coming up too.

I may drag him out for another walk today. I went to the gym and did circuits today which is really intense running from one activity to another. However, the endorphins are great and I feel really wonderful now. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

I spoke with my mum and it is 33 degrees up in A and raining. We are always about 2-3 weeks ahead of them with Spring/Summer and behind them with Fall/Winter. She doesn't understand why I don't want to live in A. A has its good and bad points, like everyplace else. I miss being anywhere in 5 minutes, I miss the lack of traffic, wonderful summers, knowing and talking to everyone, my childhood special places, our property, the lake, and seeing family. However, there are little or no career opportunites, lack of any good shopping, a 2 1/2 drive from a city of any decent size, long cold winters, and family demands. A is great in the summer and fall, and awful in the winter which can start pretty early in the year and end fairly late. It would be a nice place to retire since it is still economical and would be a nice place to spend summers, spring and fall.

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