Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas to all of my Christian friends. I'm sitting here with the fire roaring, my husband watching the tube and cuddling the baby (I have to stop calling her that - she's 16 1/2 months), and watching my little Christmas tree. The tree is a little 3 foot fiber optic one plugged in the family room. It is really special to me. My dad bought it for me the Christmas before we got married because he wanted us to have a tree. He loved little trees and really got on the fiber optic craze when they were popular back in 2000. I look at it and it makes me feel so loved by him.

If I haven't said so before, he and I were very close and I lost him (in his earthly form) back in 2003. I miss him so very much.

It's been a nice Christmas. I never got dressed today - it poured rain. Vi took at 4 hour nap and I got a 1.5 hour one!


Anonymous said...

Naps are so so nice, aren't they? A 4 hour one? You're spoiled :)


MrsSpock said...

Sounds like a very relaxing holiday! Naps are great gifts for tired parents!