Monday, December 28, 2009

The decade in review

I've just spent some time conversing with the husband in front of the fire. We were talking about how much our lives have changed in the past ten years. They've changed a ton! The Highlights (or lowlights):

2000 June Got married.
2000 August Moved to England.
2000 October I started grad school at UWarwick
2001-2003 ran all over the European continent and made three trips back to the states
2002 February P finished grad school at UM
2003 Feb hit milestone of losing 85 pounds
2003 July my dad died
2003 July moved back to the States
2003 October bought our first house
2004 March started work at my current job
2004 March finished my graduate degree
2004 June my grandpa died (at age 97)
2004 September found out I had fertility problems
2005 Feb found out I had 5% of conceiving a child
2005 April failed IVF
2005 May P left Ford Motor Co (after 7 years) to a new job
2005 November P started newer (awesome) job
2006 April IVF cancelled for high FSH
2006 June got a puppy gifted to me/ found puppy new home
2007 Feb started looking for Egg donors
2007 June severe intestinal issues caused me to stop eating wheat/gluten
2007 September got braces
2007 October drove cross country to Boston
2007 December found out I was pregnant!
2008 January P started grad school at MIT
2008 June had a terrible fall when I was pregnant
2008 August my miracle child was born
2008 October arthiritc issues caused me to be diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome
2008 December my grandmother died (at age 97)
2009 July spent the month in Boston
2009 December P completed program/thesis at MIT

We also were lucky enough to visit Hawaii, Boston, Maine, Nevada, Arizona, California (San Diego) Las Vegas, New York state, NYC, Canada, Niagara Falls, Spain (Barcelona), Italy (Rome, Florence, Pisa), France (Paris x 4, Normandy), Cypress, Greece (Santorini), Egypt, Germany, Austria, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Ireland, and the Vatican.


Anonymous said...

Wow Jen -
THat is some decade! Enough stuff there for 30 years, not 10. I'm impressed how productive you managed to be despite your health issues. You go!


Alisha said...

Impressive, for sure! MIT for your hubby and grad school for you, too? Not too shabby!

Kelly said...

That is some decade. It's very hard to lose family members. But on the positive side - look at all the travel you did!