Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's coming....

and frankly, I'm terrified. The first date for my jaw/facial surgery has been set. It goes like this:

January 20, 2010 - Sliding Genioplasty (chin job) with Mandibular Bone Graft (aka, excess bone implanted into my lower jaw). General Anesthesia. Outpatient. Off work 1-2 weeks.

May 2010 - Dental implants screws implanted into lower jaw. Outpatient.

Sept 2010 - Porcelin bridge screwed into implant ridge.

January 2011 - BSSO (Bilateral Sagital Split Osteomy) aka the major jaw surgery! Inpatient for 5-6 days.

I know that I have no further options for dental care. I need to summon my courage and move forward, but I'm terrified.

(For those that don't know I have a genetic mutation resulting in the lost of formation of many teeth as well as jaw deformaties. I don't look crazy if you see me on the street, but if you delve deeper, you will realize something is very wrong with my teeth/jaw)

Oh and did I mention that my out of pocket for all this is $20,000? Thank goodness the jaw surgeries and bone grafts are covered!


Kelly said...

that is a lot of money, but you know that you are so worth it. Sometimes moving forward is tough, but again, so worth it in the end.

Julie said...

you are DEFINITELY worth's a lot to go through and a lot of money - but definitely worth it. You're going to do just great :). I'm having my next surgery jan.14th :)

Alisha said...

So sorry you have to go through all that! I'm sure you're ready to get this all taken care of, however. Like Kelly said, moving forward is worth it.