Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Great Cross Polination Post

Today is the Great Infertility Blog Cross Polination Post. How exciting!
Below is a post from my matched guest poster - you'll have to guess who!

Imitation Is Unflattering

Now that we are getting into the toddler phase hard-core, we're finding that we are having to more closely watch what we say and do.

When you have a newborn, you can pretty much sit all day on the couch watching a CSI marathon, eating chips and drinking pop, and the little bub in your arms will not think much of the exploding heads on the TV.

Now that our son soaks up everything around him like a sponge, it's an inducement to forgo certain bad habits.

Case in point: After a stressful workday, I've been finding myself sitting on the couch like a lump and watching hours of mindless TV. Our son now uses a toy to pretend it's a remote, points, clicks, and says, "Watch? Elmo, Sesame Street, Signing Time?" Fail, Mommy.

Since my dining room table usually acts like my desk, and is therefore cluttered with loads of papers, we eat in the living room. And our son wants to eat what we eat. Including any leftover cookies or pie from Thanksgiving. So we are back to apples and bananas only in the living room, and trying to eat at the table.

I may or may not be known for my potty mouth. After hearing my son mimic my exclamation of "Crap!" the other day, I've been trying to tone it down.

My husband, Mr S, has been known to whine, "Go, go go!" to a slow driver in front of us. It sounds much less innocuous when coming from a 19-month old.

Worst of all- we all know men do certain things whether it's gentlemanly or not. My husband is a good man, despite his being raised in a cave with the other Neanderthals. Yesterday, he decided to scratch himself, like most men do. Our son, seeing him, decided to follow suit. So that's where they learn that...

I swear we are much better parents than we play on the Internet...

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Anonymous said...

haaaaaaaaaaahahaahahahaa.... that sooo reminds me of the time my daughter learned to say "crap" with an "s".

I stubbed my toe on one of the ancient baseboards in my apartment and left a two-inch long sliver UNDERNEATH my big toe nail behind.

My brain just plain shut off and I shouted the "s" word clear as day in front of my then 2 year old... I heard nothing but that darned word for 2 days afterward...

no idea who wrote it... but yeah- I get ya!!

calliope said...

I have only just started to realize that I should watch what I say more often. It will be a while before W starts talking, but I swear like a sailor and I think I would cringe to hear my dirty words come out of his sweet little mouth!

Geohde said...


Also, totally would not have guessed and know the blogger!


Lavender Luz said...

Too funny!

I caught my two boys (one grown and one not) in the Al Bundy position recently.

I had to peek. Excellent post!

JEN said...

My nephew's first word was S---. And it was funny!