Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Cause you had a bad day.....

Yes. Just like the song. There wasn't anything specifically bad, just the fact that my teeth throbbed constantly all day long and I was basically unable to chew. The worst part is that my tongue is so tender and sore. When anything foreign is in the mouth (like my spacers) it just wants to go and touch and touch it. I woke up every two hours in pain all night long. Frankly I had serious doubts about the entire course of dental action. I kept wondering what I had gotten myself into and wondering if I could just drop out of the entire process. I found this message board that deals with adults and braces/jaw surgeries. I read it and it helped a lot. It calmed me down. I think I am better off than many people because I have had braces and I do know what to expect for the most part. My mouth is already sore and I have been getting mouth ulcers and sores since I have the anemia and malabsorption which is in full swing right now. I think that is due to a Vitamin B12 deficiency. Whine whine whine. This sucks. And I feel sorry for myself and am having my own pity party.

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