Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Everyone has asked me how I have been doing since going Wheat-free. Overall - I have been doing very well and I see a substantial improvement.

What is different?
the constant nausea is almost gone
only one episode of the big "D"
skin on my legs is not so dry and itchy
my constant stomach growling has been reduced by 80%
not hungry very much
lost 5 pounds of bloat
getting very frequent headaches

P has been very supportive - my work colleagues have not. They have tried to get me to eat "pizza - just a bite", cake, cookies, bread, chinese food, egg rolls, dumpling soup. But I love them anyway. P made me homemade french fries and he relgiously reads every label.

So everyone asks what are you eating??
Well -
Today I had:
Breakfast - 1/2 c egg beaters & 1 small piece rice flour bread (not so great)
Lunch - leftover lean grilled pork with green/yellow beans, 1/3 low sugar yogurt with GF granola and mixed berries.
Dinner - probably chicken salad, carrots and cucumbers.

I am glad I am feeling better. I'll give it another 2 months.

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