Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Friday

I can't believe it is halfway through August.

I am feeling so ill tonight. We went out to eat (really haven't been out in a month) and I stressed to the waiter that I cannot eat wheat. He checked on the soup and such, and I ordered the whitefish. Well halfway through eating it I realized it was dredged in flour. I came home and promptly have the worse "D" you can imagine. Maybe connected, maybe not. Not pleasant nonetheless.

I got my new Edge last night. It is really great. I feel pretty spoiled, but P says I deserve it. There are loads of them around here, so it is far from unique. I drove it to work today and didn't tell anyone - people can be really funny about stuff like that.

Monday I get the spacers put in for my braces and then I get braces on Sept 11th. I am very excited and also nervous about starting this part of my journey to dental normalcy.

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