Saturday, August 18, 2007


I didn't do a whole lot today physically - I still felt pretty awful from last night.

The weather was really nice and cool. I regret I didn't walk, althought I was outside for a fair bit today.

P's friend N is spending the night. When there is at least three of us we like to play board games. We are big gamers. I am not so hot on games like Diplomacy, Risk, or with a lot of strategy where I really shine at trivia and word games. Our favorite game is called "Settlers of Catan". It is a board game that originated in Germany and won many awards there. It looks difficult but it is not. I highly recommend it. I think children as young at 9 years old would have no problem playing. You aren't going to find it at places like Wal-mart or Target, but will have to order online or buy from a Hobby shop.

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