Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Night

I am sitting here waiting for my two loaves of Zucchini bread to cook - one GF and one regular low sugar/low oil. Guess which looks better? I also started the washer, dishwasher, cleaned up and made my lunch and breakfast for tomorrow. On the TV a HGTV show called "Design Star" in which designers have to design this basically plain room with a set amount of $$ and time for shopping. Each designed (about 7) got $399 in $1's to spend at the 99 cent store and and 99 minutes to shop there. So far I am really enjoying it. P is gone tonight - out camping with some not frequently seen HS friends. I had a decent day today after having a stomach setback yesterday. I had a great gym workout and then met an old work colleague for lunch and then did a little shopping, came home, sat around, etc.

The funniest thing happened today. I came downstairs and opened the blinds on the patio door looking at the deck and this .......... was staring back at me with its nose pressed again the glass!

He stared at me like he wanted in for a good three minutes, then calmly trotted off the deck and under the fence, then under the deck of the next door neighbors (new - and not all at friendly). It's a woodchuck aka a groundhog. I wasn't aware that they were one and same. It was cute. Too bad it eats only plants, or I would start leaving little treats for it. So far in our urban sub we have seen skunks, racoons, groundhogs, tons of rabbits, and all the usual like squirrels.

I have a new friend. Jealous, aren't you?

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