Saturday, August 25, 2007

Crazy Weather

It looked like I had an earlier post called 'crummy weather' and now crazy weather. It has rained [poured heavily most days] every day since last SUnday. Things are very green and lush here for August. Funnily enough the rest of the state hasn't got much rain at all and things are very dry. There are also floods south of us in Ohio.

I have been through around eight very bad storms in my lifetime. By 'very bad' I mean the type of storm that you are forced to take cover in the basement or windowless hallway. Usually the sky turns dark, then colors like yellow & gray or green and then the winds burst through followed by hail and rain. Friday night (last night) we had one such storm. The sky went completely black at around 6:30 and I was home (not at the gym - stomach problems again) and it got darker and darker and then the rain - buckets of heavy, heavy rain and then hail. I thought I better turn on the TV (P is in SC for work) and they were warning everyone to take cover. I went to the basement and got out the lighters and candles because I was sure the power was going to go out.

I was nervous because we have one of those wrought iron gazebos on our deck with the canvas top and it was rocking back and forth - actually lifting off the ground. There was nothing I could do. After 30 or so minutes I didn't hear any more rain and there was a lot more light so I came upstairs.

A bunch of areas got hit by tornados. It was Friday rush our and parts of the freeway were closed for 3.5 hours. Thank goodness I was home safe and sound. The gazebo was okay too.

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