Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby Update

So since this all anyone talks about these days.... a baby update.
I went to the OB this morning, P came along too which was nice. We discussed induction with the OB and he felt it was the best. I asked about the increased risk of C-section and he said there is one, which I already knew. A cervix check revealed lesser progress in the last two weeks than I had hoped, 1.5 cm and 80% effacement. He wanted to sweep my membranes but I didn't tolerate being on my back all that well. An ultrasound revealed good amniotic fluid levels, but he felt they were on the decline.

Why doesn't my body want to go into labor? I'm kind of disappointed. Thus, an induction is scheduled for this weekend, exact date to follow. P wanted to do it today - the sooner the better. I'm glad he was there anyway.

I'm going to order some chinese food for lunch. Last night, friends came over and brought chinese food and I didn't get to eat any because it had soy sauce and breading due to a mistake and I felt really cheated and mad. :(

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