Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I just was taking a little time before I went to bed (ha) for the first time today. Tending to a newborn is very very busy. It is so great having P home to help. The baby was quite a bit fussier today - she is so hungry that she inhales her 60 cc and doesn't want to stop to burp, leaving her with some gas. We tried to keep her outside and stimulated today so she would not be as active and alert as last night.

On the PPD front I had two epidsodes of crying today, both didn't last that long and I was able to stop crying on my own. Pretty happy about that. My milk came in today and I am extremely, extremely engorged. The great thing about it is that since I am on painkillers from the C-section, I don't feel much discomfort. However, I have terrible discomfort from my Csection - pulling along the scar. I am taking half the recommended dose of Percoset every four hours because the lasrger dose makes me dizzy. I am also on high strength Motrin. By the time four hours rolls around the pain and pulling becomes worse and worse. The other bad part is the 2nd epidural or the spinal site on my back hurts so much. Recovering from surgery is not fun. Hopefully I will feel better soon.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

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Julie said...

Thankfully, the c/s pain doesn't last too long - a week or two at most. I felt sooo much better the second week compared to the first. I learned not to wait til you feel the pain to take the meds - staying ahead of the pain will help you keep it in check. You'll be feeling so much better in no time at all. Hope you're feeling better really soon!