Thursday, August 28, 2008

what day is it anyway?

It seems like August should be over, but yet it is August 28th. Next week school starts and fall is beginning! I love fall and it is by far my very favorite season. To update, things are a little better for us. The tranquilizers helped. the main thing is that my mom showed up! There was a lot of to-do regarding people being able to bring her partway or halfway etc and we were too tapped to pick her up. She borrowed a navigation system and drove down the entire way without getting lost. We were extremely proud of her and I think she was proud of herself.

So she showed up shortly before noon on Monday. Vi and I were not dressed and waiting out on the front lawn for her when she pulled up just like the calvary. She gave me emotional support, got to visit with her granddaughter, got me driving, got me eating, got me out, and most importantly -- stayed up all three nights with Vi!!! P and I slept. I feel almost human today. My mom also let me know what a wonderful miracle baby we had and how good she is. She brought a ton of presents for the babe and did almost all of her feedings. I will never forget her showing up when we needed her.

Physically I am doing better. My stomach is still bad - diarrhea and I am not eating much. My incision hurts more in the morning for some reason, but is much much better.

Vi gained an entire pound and now weighs 7 lbs, 13 oz. She had an exam yesterday as part of a research study and was found to be neurologically right on target!

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