Monday, August 4, 2008

Tonight's the night... NOT

Last night I had that (awful) Rod Stewart song in my head. Around 10:00 I just finished putting away laundry and the same pains I had the night of BUNKO started up in my back and then spread to my front. Except this time, way more intense in my front. Right under my breasts, the top of uterus was very painful and intense. P tried timing them, but they were constant and intense. I laid down and thought maybe we should call the hospital but around an hour later they slowed down and stopped and we both fell asleep. Panic set in that i was having a placental abruption or something because the upper pains didn't seem like they would be labor pains. Then, this morning I was worried about the baby moving less, but she is moving now. I have had such a good pregnancy that these past three weeks have been the hardest part. The not knowing and trying to plan ahead for appointments, work, etc.

Keep me in your thoughts......

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