Monday, August 18, 2008

today was a rough day because of one thing - crying. The baby was excellent - she slept most of the day yesterday and tomorrow and even slept last night. She's pure sunshine and joy. I spend the morning working on the computer, had a shower, and then the waterworks started. I had three episodes of crying today and managed to get it under control when my company showed up. P's brother and his girlfriend came down - he went to the "Masters of Metal" concert with both brothers. His girlfriend kept me company which was nice. I felt a few crying prompts, but am much better in I am trying to wean off the Oxycodone as well as I think it is causing me problems. I only took two pills today - the 2nd becuase of pain. I think P going out of town (v. important trip planned around 07/20 due date), until Thursday night is difficult. It makes me cry.

I feel like a failure - lfirst (half) day alone and I lost it. Pray for me!

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